Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Version Of Signs

I guess starting from my childhood, I am pretty fascinated by zodiac signs and as time goes by, I found myself getting deeper into this zodiac thing. And now it gets to the point where I always ask people what signs they are to get a general idea of what this person would be like. Accurate or not, I always find the common traits that can be shared in each sign.

Aries: I have Aries friends, and I can get along pretty well with them in the beginning, because we always have so much to talk about. Although we do have fights and sometimes it was nasty, at the end of the day we always laugh them off and get back to like nothing happened.

Taurus: The famous iron cock, no matter female or male, they are extremely stingy, careless and bad tempered. I have several Taurus friends, and sometimes I do wish I never knew them. But don’t get me wrong, a Taurus person generally has a good heart and they are willing to help you when you are in trouble. Although based on my experience, they are not quite reliable when you need them most.

Gemini: What can I say? This sign can go really well with me and we always find so much to talk about, no matter it’s silly or serious. Of all the signs, I enjoy the conversations with Gemini most, because I don’t have to worry about saying something wrong to put us in an awkward situation. But on the other hand, Gemini can lie a lot, sometimes they do that to make me feel better, but sometimes I don’t even know that they are lying.

Cancer: Based on theory, Cancer and I are least compatible no matter what, because this water signs just loathe my air quality. But interestingly, several true friends of mine are all Cancers, and they are down to earth, always willing to help, and they are great listeners as well. We might have many different opinions at times, and sometimes we don’t give in to each other, but at the end of the day we are still cool. Although they are not very sociable, my Cancer friends were always popular throughout school years.

Leo: I don’t know why, even though I am supposed to get along well with Leo, it seems I don’t really have any Leo friends that can be counted as friends. We can have great conversations and start pretty well, but the peace between us cannot last very long. It either ended up cold fights or really nasty fights. I don’t know why.

Virgo: I like Virgo, because I like the way they talk and it seems nothing can make them happy. They are always picky and having different opinions about things that we take for granted. Also one of the most noticeable traits they have is that they work or study very hard and sometimes I just don’t understand that. I have to say flirting with Virgos is fun.

Libra: I have to agree with the theory that two Libras cannot last very long, majorly because they are both indecisive and a little passive. For me, I like to wait till others make their decisions and then I would judge, and I guess my Libra friend is the same too. So we often find ourselves lost in terms of making any decisions. Other than that, Libra is humorous and fun to talk with, and we can play pranks on each other without pissing each other off because either of us would cross the boundary.

Scorpio: It seems I can get along with male Scorpios, because at least we can have conversations although it’s not a little pointless because I found it was either him too hard to follow or me too flexible to let him understand where I came from. Whereas for female Scorpios, I would say I’d prefer to stay away from them as far as possible, sorry, I am just saying this based on my previous experience. I hope it can change though. Their impatience and bossy attitude are always making me frustrated.

Sagittarius: I like this sign very much, because it’s so much fun to be with Sagittarius. They are playful, easy to talk with and there is always lot of fun. But unfortunately, my path doesn’t seem to align with any Sagittarius in my life. I hope to know more of them. Although it’s kind of same as Gemini that they do lie a lot as well.

Capricorn: This sign works hard too, and they are always very ambitious, sometimes it sounds a little crazy to me. But in the end, I should always get myself prepared that they might really achieve the goal that I thought impossible. Opposite to Taurus, Capricorns don’t lie about trivial things, but once they lie, it’s always huge and surprising.

Aquarius: I have some really good friends of this sign, because I really found they are easy to get along with. We don’t have to talk too much, but we always understand each other. We respect each other and it’s always delighting to get to know an Aquarius.

Pisces: I guess it’s just because it’s water sign or what? We can start off extremely well, but it always ended up really ugly. We don’t give in to each other and we always hold the grudge against each other for a really long time. Hopefully those are just extreme examples, and I am sure there are Pisces that I can make friends with.


  1. 星座啊……我就是天蝎的。

  2. 不是说的你哈,是说的friends