Thursday, August 19, 2010


Well, I have been told several times that life is not fair by different people after I was whining in front of them and I was told to be stronger. It is true that lately it was a little bit too much for me to take at once, but I guess maybe after a while when I look back these experiences could be a whole lot more valuable than I think right now. I wasn’t quite sure why those people would target on me to cut off the catalytic converter from my car which ate up every penny I had in my pocket, but I guess that they just don’t care. It’s suspicious that Rachel asked the type of my car after I got the parking permit from her and then I saw her dating this black guy who doesn’t have a job but a fancy Hummer to drive around. It’s also strange that when I was checking the engine oil, one of the maintenance guys asked me if my car was alright. Yeah, all of those things just didn’t seem to be right to me after I heard many stories about this area. Or maybe I think too much, but who knows what is really underneath all these things I noticed. I reported my loss to the police and now what I can do is just to pray that nothing would go wrong next time. Without the catalytic converter my car sounded like its engine was going to explode, and I just got my car to Carx to get fixed without doing any research. I could have waited a little longer before I knew where I can get the cheap one from somewhere else to replace it as Ohio doesn’t have the emission requirement. As much as I wish the thief could get caught, it was a lesson on my part as well. Sometimes things are not really as bad as they seem and there was absolutely no need to shed the tears when I was walking out of Carx talking to my friend on the phone. Or maybe a little bit tears did make me feel a lot better. My friends are right, I should be stronger because it could have been worse and there could be worse things happening in our lives. Life is not fair itself, but our attitudes matter. Happiness or grief, whatever it is, it’s created by ourselves. We, ourselves, got to choose our ways and fates. Yes, I am still letting all these things that happened in such a short time sink in, and I am sure there will be more challenges later on; but I just need to tell myself not to give up. It will be better.

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