Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Scent Of Spring

I admit I am not an expert in colognes or perfumes, but I gotta say that my nose is sensitive to scent and smells to some extent. After getting the free samples from some of the purchases, I found it’s quite interesting to compare different fragrance here.


The Upper Row includes the Fragrance I Like

There are two female perfume samples in the second row, but I just found they smell nice. Givenchy Play and Jean Paul Gaultier are definitely my first choice, majorly because of Justin Timberlake and the sensual bottle. The toilette from Lacoste smells nice, but I just don’t like the brand basically because of the unpleasant history about that brand I had. DKNY Men smells quite cheap for me and it’s quite mediocre, nothing special in my opinion, but I would still wear it on a day when I think it’s boring and tedious. The same is true for Burberry The Beat-nothing unique or special and it’s quite forgettable. Whereas Hanae Mori is quite unique and different, and I like it a lot. As for Dunhill Pure, I am still loving it. And Perry Ellis is still ok too, although sometimes I do feel that scent is too strong and that it makes me a little sick. Like I said, I am not the expert, but what I know is I do have personal favorites here. I know it would be a little strange for an engineer to wear cologne to work, but I guess a little bit of fresh smell instead of some unpleasant smell would be good. Plus everybody is different.

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  1. 你是我师兄里面的一朵大大奇葩啊啊啊