Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunny Spring

Being crazily indulging myself into the candy jar without being worried that I might get stung badly eventually is fun, since I seemingly forgot what sweetness tastes like. Seriously, it tastes really good-it’s been missed so much. The smell of Spring in Cincinnati is basically the same as in China, and it wakens the feelings I have lost long ago. Now it looks like we need some blossoms in the sun to add the flavor to the Spring. As I was told this morning on Facebook that I should enjoy the sun, I bought lunch and ate it in the school stadium, enjoying the fresh air and warmth; although I was worried I might get tanned. Yeah, here is the thing, Asians are not quite fond of getting darker in the skin, which is different here where most people would even go to the SPA to tan their skins. That’s the cultural thing which has a history. Since Chinese, maybe Korean and Japanese too, they think the fair skin represents the better life quality which means they don’t have to work as labors in the sun. So people tend to make their skin brighter. Whereas Americans think tanned skin means they are rich enough to go the beach to soak up in the sun, so I guess that’s why I was the only Asian having lunch in the stadium amongst many people today. Anyways, I have to admit the sun was a little bit strong today, but it was nice, cozy and comfy definitely.

Other than working and studying, I am generally happy at the moment, and I hope this happiness can last. Yes, I do.

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