Friday, March 26, 2010

Unchained Melody

I was surprised to know that my idol Christina Aguilera is going to release her brand new single, “Not Myself Tonight”, at the end of the month after 4 years. Very excited, I searched her Haiti performance of “Lift Me Up” on Youtube. Her voice is still powerful and awesome, but I miss that upper register she used to hit years ago. That kind of voice always got me excited all the time, but I didn’t get any on Youtube in that song. Maybe I was just expecting too much already. Given the fact that she just had her first baby and that people age and change as well, it would not be fair to ask too much from this new mom. Among all of those scary things in the universe, time always makes me feel awe. It’s so powerful that it can change everything. Maybe because during the 4 years’ waiting, there are many female artists who also proved that they can sing as well. Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks, Jennifer Hudson, even Siobhan Magnus, all are amazingly talented. After the era of Mariah Carey, maybe it’s time to explore a little bit more instead of always staying in one spot. There is no doubt that I am still super excited to hear her new song on March 30th and get her new album in June, and I am sure her studio version of the album could be so much better. Maybe I can still be blown away like I used to be. One thing for sure though is that her voice is always unique, powerful and thick even without hitting any high notes. For that, I am still her loyal fan.



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