Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Unbroken”, Katharine McPhee

It seems I seldom wrote any album reviews here, although I am huge fan of music. So to start it off, here is one album I have been indulging myself into lately. Katharine McPhee, the former American Idol runner-up, is always one of my favorite singers out there. I like her because she is pretty, and she’s got a soft and tender voice as well. Not because her music is having that “wow factor”. It’s a little bit harsh to say so, because I am sure many people are her die hard fans. But it’s just my personal opinion. Her music is like the yummy sides after my entrees. Her latest album, “Unbroken”, is quite good and I have been listening to it for at least 20 times now. For me, if any album worth listening to for more than 5 times, it can be considered as one album I like. So she pretty much got me. I don’t know why the reviews on other magazines were quite harsh and critical, but I personally loved what she did one the album. She is not like some of the powerful divas with big voices, but she knows how to use her voice quite well. The soft and sweet side of her can absolutely conquer lots of people there this time for sure. My favorites songs are "Surrender”, "Terrified” and “Brand New Key”. Speaking of “Terrified”, as Didi Benami performed on American Idol this year, I am sure many people can recognize this song thanks to that. Other songs on the album are good too, like “Lifetime”, which was used in the Ipod commercial this year. Aside from her sweet voice, she is surely hot and beautiful. It’s interesting to see she goes to blonde this time, and I always like the constant successful changes of female artists.


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