Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Well Needed Saturday

Working on the weekend wasn’t fun at all, and a little bit fun is always needed to keep my sanity. A break from what I have been concentrating on should be helpful eventually, but I know there is always someone who doesn’t agree on this. Anyways, After the grocery shopping in the morning, I went to Newport to watch Avatar IMAX for my second time with my friend. I thought I could have some nice dinner somewhere, but Sushant was serious about skiing this time and he called me 6 times during the movie; so I headed back to home to grab the ski pants and my camera. I was surprised that this time there was a huge group there-I thought only Sushant and his Indian friends were inviting me. It was quite international, and most of them were undergrads. Technically, I am far away from being an expert, but seeing those guys couldn’t even stand up, I felt bad. So I taught some of them how to hold their balance and how to slow down, then I went to the green slope (easiest slope) to ski. I was surprised how well I could control the skis and my speed, so I gained lots of confidence. There were no problems for me to move the hips and the skis side to side to change the speed, and I bet I looked skilled. There were times when I wasn’t sure about the slope when I first got to the orange slope (medium slope), but after one try, I did pretty well. Never did I thought skiing could be so much fun. I mean it was always boring to watch it on TV because I didn’t know how it feels like to do it myself. Now I can write it on my hobby list, I guess. I called my mom when I got back at 4am. Thanks to those hungry people, including myself, we had the early breakfast at IHop. One sad thing is as the weather is turning to be warm, Perfect North Slopes will be closed in a few weeks. So I guess I will have to say: "See you next year!”


Perfect North Slopes

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