Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Due to the experiment in the lab on Thursday, I nearly missed my first Thanksgiving at Gary’s house. Thanks to Dr. Lee who took me to Gary’s around 5:00pm when everybody in the house had finished their dessert, it was not too late for me to enjoy my turkey feast, but Anida had to microwave it for me. Frankly speaking, it was my first time to have turkey, since turkey breast sandwiches in Subway do not really count. I missed the process of cutting the whole turkey! Maybe next year…It was cold yesterday and this morning I saw it was snowing a little bit, but it’s fine as we either stayed in the car or the malls. Speaking of Black Friday, most of the malls open around 5am, and there are people waiting outside the gates to rush for the discounted goods. Of course, I am not that crazy, so we slept well and finished our breakfast, driving our car to get to those malls as we were pleased. I got the vacuum and the fabric steamer I wanted at reasonable prices-I can make such a good househusband. :) Since I accidentally ruined my favorite several shirts, I realized shirts are really delicate and they need my special care-THE FABRIC STEAMER! Anyways, I still haven’t found the color bleach in the malls. When it comes to shopping, it’s the same everywhere. I felt like I was in Shanghai when I was buying gloves in the new H&M store in Kenwood-people were waiting in a long line for H&M which only has styles but the quality. Say it’s shallow or whatever, I quite like H&M. My philosophy is that clothes cannot last forever after all. To some extent, I quite miss some of those Japanese brands which have better fitted clothes for me, but mostly I can only pay a relatively lower price for some brands like Calvin Klein, Clinique, Levi’s and so forth. Generally, I love shopping here as I can have more choice.


10am @ Bestbuy


Xmas is coming


I thought I could have watched the men’s football today, but again, I missed it, thanks to my Black Friday shopping. Since the football game is like a huge celebration here each time, I might as well try it once to see if I like it or not. It’s ok, because the tickets are free for us and I can get the next game’s tickets or I will just have to wait for next year’s game.

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