Friday, November 20, 2009

Another Babble

So far there is nothing much exciting, and that’s why I haven’t updated anything here. Mom said that she’s been waiting for the pictures in my album, but unfortunately I haven’t gotten any chance to go anywhere yet ever since my last Cincy Trip. Maybe travelling is not part of my agenda as I used to claim, since homework, exams and research work have already swallowed up pretty much all my time. I am not complaining this time, because I feel that I am really learning things. And I’ve got to say that something just feels right. I need a break sometimes, and it’s perfectly arranged at the end of the quarter, which is called “a winter break”. Several friends of mine are heading to Las Vegas as they don’t have to worry about their work in the lab, so tickets and hotels were booked a long time ago. Whereas for me, as much as I would love to go there, there is still something up in the air so far.

Lots of people have some opinions against Midwest, not just minority groups of people, but also some white people. While I don’t have any comments on this as long as I haven’t visited other places in the States. Sometimes I guess I am just too trivial to change some of the stereotypes here. As for the cars and things related, I am trying to make some time to study that slowly. There are plenty of cars and trucks on Craigslist, but as others said it still takes some time before I can find the “dream car”. Speaking of trucks, there are plenty there, and Gary has a good truck since he has to work around his houses in Cincinnati. I thought about trucks as well-it would be so cool to drive a truck. But some say it consumes more gas than you would expect, so that can basically rule out the possibility of buying a truck as far as I am concerned.

Last night I helped a senior classmate’s moving sale, and in return I got his microwave, TV and some other furniture. Now our living room looks like a human living room except that I have to buy the antenna device from Wal-mart this weekend. Obviously, having a car would make a lot more things more spontaneous, like for instance, if I think of something I need at 2:00 am, I could have driven my car to get it. It’s my dream so far-not hard to achieve but it takes time.

So after Thanksgiving next week, this quarter is actually coming to an end, which basically means the toughest time ahead-EXAMINATIONS! Let’s get ready for that, shall we?

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