Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Like The Standard Time So Far

The daylight saving time ends this morning when I woke up and now it looks like I have one hour more, since I could have gotten up at 10am instead of 9am. I like getting one hour younger. China used to do the same thing 20 years ago, but then it just stopped. I guess they don’t really care about the daylight saving time that much when China only has one time zone. “Why should we make it so complicated while people from all over the country all have Beijing time anyway?” I agree with it too. But setting one hour back automatically does make you feel you have like one hour more when you wake up in the morning. Of course, when this standard time ends, the one hour has to be paid back and that must not feel good I suppose. Some say this is purely for energy conservation, but I consider this to be ironic as the fact that everybody has to have a car to do daily things does not seem like energy conservation to me. Maybe they are just trying to waste less.

Friday lab Halloween party was supposed to be fun, for I wanted to get to know each one of those people from other 3 labs. And Michael did a good job by organizing the party. Of course I am sure what everybody loved most was that ice box full of 100 bottles of beers. Unfortunately, I was distracted by some lab work while I was playing Horn Whole with others and I ended up sitting in front of the computer for 4 hours when I walked out of the room only to find empty garbage bins. I did not feel good about it and I wished I could be like one of our lab members who had 7 bottles of beers and talked crazy things around everybody. Anyway maybe I was the one to blame. I shouldn’t have told Aaron that laser cutting job does not have to be finished by Friday. I did not manage well, I have to admit. Maybe I’ll just have to wait for next year’s Halloween Party when we are not the hosts. It sounds sad and everything mainly because my Saturday was not getting better as I only ended up playing cards at my friend’s house-everybody in the room wanted to get out but nobody has a car. The good thing is at least I did not spend the Halloween night all by myself.

As I get to the point where there are lots of things that cannot be determined by me, one side of me is getting concerned that I may not be able to have time to go to Las Vegas for Christmas, the other side of me is like I should work hard to make the best student and it doesn’t feel bad at all. Although I expected this before I came here and I made up my mind no matter how hard it gets I shall get through, when the time comes, I really wish it’s not today but tomorrow. I know I have to face it anyway if I want this. Life is harder for foreigners in this country and I can feel the bias and inequality sometimes no matter how trivial they seemingly are although I am sure people are trying to avoid this. But I guess they are just like some kind of facts that are inevitable.

I hope next week would be a little different and I still have the faith that I can hold on no matter what.

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