Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Selfishness Or Immaturity

Michael used to tell me that I was immature, although I did not agree with him. After all these days I gradually started to realize that I am heading to the right direction where I would consider myself as a better human being. I thought people were all more mature than I was, but it’s barely the case when I came here to face some younger peers. Some of the things they do are really selfish and immature I have to admit, unfortunately. But I am not angry; I am just disappointed somehow. I don’t understand why it would be such a big deal to give someone a ride when it’s convenient, nor do I understand what the heck is wrong with cooking food for others. I did what I think is right and I conceive of those deeds as purely kindness, whereas what I got in return were purely unbelievable and disappointing. I have put too much expectation on something where I shouldn’t have. Or maybe they are just being selfish and inconsiderate, because they need to grow up to realize who they are. At any rate, maybe it’s because of the pressure that everybody is suffering that they forget to care about others. I am proud to see that everything is made in China, while they consider it to be total disappointment because they don’t think they belong to China any more. It’s a complicated issue here and I am sure as time goes by, I could have a better view of everything I am facing right now. Perhaps, it’s just as simple as having a haircut. Speaking of which, I think I do look bad without cutting my hair for more than two months!

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