Sunday, November 8, 2009

So Much For the Weekend

20 minutes ago, I finished the homework and now it’s almost midnight. Last week was quite miserable, especially on Friday, although I know it’s good to experience something I have not experienced to make my skin a little bit thicker. I had to pay the price for the failure of the presentation on Friday, so I spent my whole weekend doing the modification and homework. The over self-confidence definitely did not work out in front of my advisor since I did not understand the detailed principles of the instrument that I was introducing. 2 hours presentation was the longest on my record and it was the worst at the same time. I was told that I should not be discouraged and I should keep on doing what I am doing. Working 24/7 might be the life of a PhD student whose working hours are irrelevant to either holidays or weekends. It’s all about interest which determines success or failure. At least it applies on me.

I am sure next week is going to be better, as I am not giving up my hope somehow. Of course, technically, it’s supposed to be better as there are many things I am expecting. Sometimes I still cannot believe I am here and I feel I am not completely adjusted to this dramatic change of space. It’s been hard lately, and a trivial touching feeling sometimes could trigger the tears in my eyes, but I still have faith underneath and I am loving what I am doing-that’s what matters after all.

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  1. take it easy. you receive more when you feel painful.