Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Haircut and Contact Lenses

I had my first haircut here in the USA and it is not too bad. I have heard a lot about the haircut thing here since Asian hair texture is different from either Caucasian or African people’s hair, so most of my Chinese friends would go to the Chinese haircut club where it’s free to cut hair. But since I am here, I am “brave” enough to go the local salon to experience the American haircut to see what it really looks like. The guy finished my haircut in less than 10 minutes and he put some gel on my head afterwards. Unsurprisingly, the hair dresser is so gay that I am afraid that he is worried nobody would not recognize that, which is no big deal since it’s basically the same in China as well. The point is I noticed he put lots of Buddha figures in the store and he said he is good at cutting Asian hair, so that released me a little bit. It was fast but good, the only concern is it’s a little gay. I tipped $4 before I left the salon.

Another thing is that I finally got my contact lenses today and it’s quite ironic that I brought 12 pairs of glasses here from China. I guess I won’t be able to use those for some time. Had I known this, I would not have bought them at the first place. But it’s no big deal, since hopefully my prescription would stay the same, I will use them some day anyways. I know nothing is going to be changed if I wear contact lenses or glasses, but I guess I am just tired of the stereotypes that Chinese guys are always nerdy and geeky wearing glasses. Or I am just wanting to have a different look, that’s all. Studying for hours and working in the lab each day do put lots of pressure on me, which is not a bad thing, as I have been expecting this for a long time. One thing I don’t like is boredom which would kill me, and that’s one of the things I had to deal with a lot before I came here. I am fond of getting so busy that I forget to log on my MSN or check my Facebook. I like telling people that I am busy as hell, and this time it’s real. When everything feels right, I don’t have the bad temper or bad attitude that I used to have. Being single and living my life make me happy right now.

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