Sunday, April 6, 2008

March Yangzhou

It's March in Luna calendar, and it's the best time to go the old city-Yangzhou to see flowers. I always wanted to go there when I was in Nanjing, but I didn't find the best opportunity to go there. This time, instead of going to Lushan as I planned before, and due to same problem that always happens in China during holidays-BUSY TICKETS, we ended up having the chance to visit Yangzhou. Without lots of heavy industry and polluting plants, this city is relatively "cleaner" than Suzhou and Wuxi. I always think the beauty in a city includes scenery and people, and yet Yangzhou seems to lack the latter. Or maybe I am wrong because of my hasty conclusion in just a short stay. I have seen what it's like in March, and maybe I guess this is my first and also my last time to go there...If I have to give a score of this trip, I would say 6 out of ten.




The downtown-Wenchang pavilion

The street down-Wangsi pavilion





River out of Slender West Lake

Qianlong Emperor Came here before


Another funny is instead of having a nice Yangzhou Fried Rice, we went to Pizzahut for lunch. That's very "traditional". Next time I travel, I need to do enough homework so that time will be really well spent. Anyway, there is no such thing as perfection, so all in all I am pretty satisfied with the trip, and that's just nice glimpse of the spring.


  1. 大家清明都出去了。

  2. 大家清明都出去了。

  3. You went to Yangzhou?!

  4. Aha, your third pic is just the road out of my bf's home.

  5. 你bf。。。-,-b