Monday, October 19, 2009



It’s getting cold in the past one week and we are going to have the midterm exam in a week. It’s fast and I miss the summer when I did not have the chance to really enjoy my last moment with Shanghai. Now that heating is on, I don’t need to worry too much about the winter clothes. It’s still dusty here-my table is full of dust in one week. Thinking about that Shanghai is said to be full of dirt and dust, I don’t really know where it comes from. Sometimes stereotypes are just silly and unfair. But unfortunately no matter how unbiased you think you are, prejudice and bias are always there somewhere. I am getting the vacuum for the carpet and furniture…

Walking alone on the road in the morning while listening to the latest singles is always something I am fond of most in the morning-it’s quiet and relaxing. The fast pace and stressful tempo are missed here, not like Shanghai where getting on the subway in the morning is always the nightmare I could imagine. I set the reasonable schedule which I thought I would definitely follow, since it’s the same for me, yet I really had issues with it. I don’t know what the difference between working and studying is, but I just cannot get up at 7:30am in the morning. It’s strange.

As the temperature is climbing up a little bit this week, I guess the winter might not come yet…

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