Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shanghai Solar Eclipse


It was full of cloud and there was no way that you could see the sun in this storm here in Shanghai today. It was quite disappointing that you could not see the sun vanish or feel the sudden coolness, but the fast switch between darkness and brightness was quite stunning and spectacular already. It was great to experience this one time and I am sure there will be more.

DSCN7155 DSCN7152
Overcast No Sunshine




Getting Dark






  1. Anyway, it's very cool

  2. Its a shame the clouds and rain could not wait an additional hour. I saw the sun this morning and was hoping it would hold out, but when clouds got darker at 8:45 I decided to stay at home and not go out to the zoo or Forest Park. It was wild to see it get so dark and then light again so quickly, got pictures of it as well but really dissapointed in not seeing the sun and in all the equipment I got just to photograph it up to and including totality... I have only seen 2 partial eclipses and 1 total in my life, was hoping this would make 2 and 2, will have to wait for the next one or go to a better viewing spot when it comes close to Asia again. Great pictures showing how dark it got!