Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shanghai Innovative Factory 1933

It used to be a slaughterhouse before 1949 and now it was rebuilt to an innovative factory with good cafes, restaurants and some cool exhibitions as well. It's more commercial now but it's worthwhile to see when you feel like having some time to kill. I have no idea what style this architecture is, but those poles on the front porch kind of set me back to 1930s, certainly with modern decoration inside. I like cool things like these, but my only problem is since this place is pretty new, it needs time to be filled with more cool stuff and more people. 
I am sure after 1 year or 2 this innovative factory can be as popular as Xintiandi or something. Of course it's more arts and designs oriented. Our Sunday morning walk in there was quite relaxing and it gave me a strong feeling of western streets and shops. It's typical Shanghai.
It's on Shajing Road, beside the little creek (not Suzhou Creek) and it's not far from the Hailun Road subway station of line 8. I would recommend this to those who love designing things.
Me Posing^_^
Me Walking
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