Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I emailed my manager and he is quite supportive, but still I feel a little bad, since I am always grateful to him for giving me the opportunity to work in this company and I hope to do more things here. I knew this decision could be hard, but it seems I haven’t prepared well enough-at least, I lost my track of time and now I am not in a favorable situation-I might quite well not be able to have enough time for my family and I feel awful. There are many things I wish I could re-do so that I could do better, but it seems currently I have to deal with what’s left here. They must think that my decision is quite sudden when I tell them, but I really do hope they can understand. It’s not so surprising as many of them might have felt something already. I admit I was innocent when I first got into the company but I learned a lot during the past one year. It’s going to be well remembered no matter where I go. I feel thankful because I was given the best opportunity to pursue what I believe is right for me; because I was lucky enough to have known some great people and to learn from them; because I got the chance to spend the most previous time of my life in the best company in the world.


  1. your boss is a good man, and you are not a bad guy. Living your own life means you should not always care about others' feelings that much.

  2. 猪,侬最近是不是受啥打击了