Friday, June 26, 2009

Transformers 2 VS Terminator Salvation

After I watched Transformers 1, I thought it would be a really long time before we could see Transformers 2. But I forgot the fact that time flies!! There are more fight scenes in Transformers 2 and if you think you cannot get enough those fighting machines in Transformers 1, then Transformers 2 can possibly satisfy your needs on this. The only thing I don’t like is Megatron’s look has been changed dramatically. Megatron is nothing different from a monster. Although he is a bad guy, yet he has a better look in the cartoons. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are ok, because they still have the original colors, and Optimus Prime still has the symbol of those two big windows on his chest. It’s definitely a cool action movie, and there are lots of high tech scenes, without which I guess maybe Egyptians might go nuts to see their national treasures are being tortured like that. There are some interesting scenes like Sam acting like a psycho in his astrology class, as well as the little Decepticons being captured by Sam’s girlfriend. It was a good movie, and it’s worth my 80RMB.

TF2SteelPoster Terminator-salvation-poster

As for Termination Salvation, I was a little bit disappointedly speechless in the end after having stepped out of the theatre. It was just ok, sadly, but I don’t know where this feeling comes from. There are great scenes like men fighting versus Skynet, but overall it makes me feel that John is stupid and does not have a right intuition for Marcus. And human race appears to be so weak and silly compared with machines. I did not see much hope in the film, which should have been emphasized more, I suppose. So the overall tone is quite gloomy and depressing. Plus I did not see any humorous scenes at all.

I like watching movies in theatres and having a bowl of popcorns, but I have encountered some people with bad behaviors in the theatre: talking crazily loud, kicking your chair occasionally like they do not notice or answering cellphones. I know I am not entitled to judge others or teach them things that are supposed to be taught by their moms, but as a citizen and a human being, we do deserve a fine environment without being disturbed too much by others.

I think after these two movies, there might not be any great big action movies this summer, but I am actually expecting more good dramas or comedies this summer. We will see.

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