Sunday, May 24, 2009

Traveling To Sanmen

Well, I am trying to record every little piece of my life here. Although Sanmen, the little town in Zhejiang Province, is not that famous, I still went there with two of my best friends in school to see another friend of ours. The trip was relaxing and lots of laughter, and the plain view of the town will not fade away in our memories for sure. It took us 4 hours to get there from Shanghai, and the moment we got there we had big crabs and some other sea food, thanks to someone who is familiar with the strange place.



The Last Two Crabs...




I LOVE These Clams!




Tofu with some sea clams




Some Kind of Fish




Boiled Crabs




Stir Fried Razor Clams




Sliced Pork, cucumbers and chives




Time for Desert!!


Yeah, food we had was awesome in Sanmen. Although it's not as cheap as we thought and it's more expensive than some in Shanghai, we agreed on the fact that eating well matters. So dinners and lunch were quite satisfactory, even the breakfasts were better than I expected.

Before we went there, we had expected how Sanmen would look like, since the city will be blossomed by its nuclear plant instead of tourism. Laohu's hospitality did make our trip much easier and I got the chance to catch some crabs beside the sea. It was great fun. Had it not rain heavily on Saturday, I would have caught more crabs there! Also I played with the octopus and some weird creature I don't know...



I got ya!




Got on my T-shirt!




It's so funny to touch it~




So What's This?!


Laohu's company locates at the seaside, and he sees sunrise over the sea in the morning before he goes to work, with dormitory and office both facing the sea-the kind of perfect life everybody hopes to have. Yet the problem is he cannot go anywhere else unless he takes the shuttle bus, which has a set schedule every day. For me, it's a bit of limitation of freedom, as I cannot live without shops and nice restaurants.







Boats and The Sea


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