Monday, May 11, 2009

May 12th

Last year one devastating earthquake killed almost 100,000 innocent people in Sichuan province, and people in the whole world were shocked by the cruelness of mother nature; and they were amazed by how strong human beings can be when confronted with the darkness at that time. My family had to live in camps for about 2 weeks after May 12th, and it's a blessing everybody is fine as well as major properties at home in Chengdu, except our TV fell on the floor and some glasses were broken. I cried many times when watching TV and the only thing I could do was wishing the well-being of everybody holding on there. The news just spread out quickly and soon everybody in the world knew the massive earthquake. Ever since then, people are quire sensitive about the keyword-"earthquake". I did lots of online research on the safety of Chengdu, and I was consoled that Sichuan basin where Chengdu locates is on a relatively safe plate without any major fault. The chances of this type of strong earthquake happening in the mountainous areas are quite slim, but once it happens, it's so catastrophic that we can barely take, especially when those areas are relatively quite undeveloped in China. There were lots of touching events and lots of tears, and I am glad that our spirit is still existing and getting stronger. We are blessed.

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