Thursday, May 7, 2009

Windows Live Photos

As a matter of fact, Windows Live has a very good photo service. Compared with Flickr and Picasa, there is much bigger space on Windows Live Photos, and the photo quality does not shrink too much. So in order to keep my massive future pictures that I might take, I will continue using Windows Live Photos as my first priority online photo album. For this, I can be the most consistent Microsoft user, and I am supposed to be awarded by Microsoft. Currently, there are lots of networking websites, like Facebook, Twitter, Xiaonei, etc, and it's quite frustrating you have to register lots of accounts to keep in touch with your friends, because not every one of them is using the same service. I am using Windows Live Space since 2005, and I thought it would grow as fast as Myspace. Yet the reality is Windows Live has too many problems, and it's obvious there are not many people using it up till now. Later, Facebook began even more popular than Myspace, so apparently there is not much chance for Windows Live Space now. Although WLS is starting to apply SNS in its networking service, I am not sure if it's already too late for WLS, as Facebook is dominating the internet while Microsoft is cutting employees worldwide. One main reason why I am sticking to WLS is because it's connected to MSN, and it's convenient to let others know the update on blogs. Otherwise I could have chosen other blog services, like Blogspot or Blogger who provides unlimited blog content service and faster speed. Another reason is Windows Live knows they have problems, and they brought us Windows Live Writer which makes blogging much easier and more fun. There are issues sometimes, and it's still not perfect. But based on the faith that Microsoft is still one of the most prestigious companies in the world with almost infinite resources, I am going to continue using WLS and its related photo service as my blog publishing site.

I don't even know why I am writing this, maybe I was mentally controlled by a Microsoft engineer who is doing Voodoo magic on me just now... :D

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