Monday, April 13, 2009

3 Times Badminton

Been busy with work lately, and I don't really have much that I can share here. Water reserved the badminton court on Sunday for 2 hours, and yet he went to Hangzhou with two Egyptians. So I asked other guys to join me yesterday. It was great fun, except the fact my muscles are so sore today. Having played badminton on Saturday night and Thursday night as well, I think I am still quite energetic compared with some of my peers. It takes a lot of moves and running on the court. One hour's badminton on court is much more tiring than one hour basketball. No wonder I got nice abs when I was in high school. I think I need to do more badminton before I leave here. The facility in school is the first class, and it takes only ten minutes to get there from my apartment. I don't really see any difference of me being a student and an engineer at this point, although I am more disciplined, as I have to get up early every morning.

Another thing is one of my hamsters had 3 babies this morning again. I did not know her babies were coming, though she was quite uneasy yesterday. I don't really think those babies would survive, and I will see when I get back.

One of my friends is going to break up with his girlfriend, and I could tell he was sad and everything. It's not easy for any one of us for sure when it comes to any kind of attachments. The funny thing is they are the perfect sign match, I thought, and yet the outcome is just not so satisfactory. Characteristics are determined by many other factors as well, and astrology is never the sole factor that determines people's fates. That's all I can say. He has not told her yet...Who knows in the end.

I started a forum for my friends, so we can share information there. Right now it's a private place, since it's only internally used. We will see if we need to publicize it eventually.