Monday, April 6, 2009

Shanghai Arboretum

Thought I would have spent my whole Qingming Festival in my apartment playing DotA by myself, but I was invited to have a BBQ at my colleague's house first, and then I was asked to go to Shanghai Arboretum with my classmates the next day. So my Qingming was pretty ok, since I did not really have time sit down to write anything until now. There are many kinds of flowers in the arboretum and it was sunny on Sunday, so the 40RMB ticket seemed to be quite worth it. I did not have plans for sweeping tombs, since my grandfather's tomb is not here. The 3-day holiday is well needed at this point. I like traditions, and I like the tradition of buying ice creams before movies every time we pass that DQ store. We watched "Examination 1977" at the same theatre, and it's a good movie. The BBQ on Saturday was quite special, because it was all rainy on Saturday, and we were having the BBQ under a big umbrella. It was quite cozy and nice around the fire, with the rain drops on the surface of the umbrella. Food was not the point, but it was the conversation that kept us relaxed and chilled. The driver dropped me off at my place, and the rain was quite crazy. Never did I think the next day would be that sunny.

Meat, meat, meat...
Give me that beer.

Different Tulips




It was good to go out on a sunny day, and I believe everybody thinks the same. So it was quite crowded in the park, and that's the part I don't like. We did not take any food to the park, so we were quite hungry during lunch time. As the food in the park generally sucked, we tried pretty hard to get a taxi taking us to downtown for food.


By the bye, my hamster had 4 babies on March 24th...Those creatures are really something, I have to say.

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