Monday, October 27, 2008

The Silver Lining

I could not imagine things could get any worse last weekend. I left work with a little bit concern, because I did not do the job perfectly, as I am always the perfectionist. And what bothered me was after I posted one thread on BBS about how bad my landlord is, he saw it, and he seemed to be so pissed off that he kept on arguing with me constantly until I deleted that thread. Yup, though I did what I wanted, yet it might be a little embarrassing to see that angry face in the house again. Anyway, compared with what happened on Sunday, those little trivial things are just no big deal-I LOST MY CELLPHONE!!! After my shopping in the mall, I went to KFC where there are always many people on weekends. When I hopped on my bike, and went as far as two blocks, I realized my cellphone which was in my jacket pocket was gone. I went back to look for it, but I could not find it. So I spent a whole afternoon canceling my old number and buying a new cellphone. I could not live without it, and I know it did not make any sense to wait for the 'Goodies' to return it to me. I never lost anything in my life, and obviously this time I will remember it quite well. I was too careless, thinking nobody will notice me. The whole weekend was not that normal, and I definitely did not want to be miserable by myself. So in the end, my classmate and I went shopping, so that I could get out of the unlucky circle as fast as I could. Today, it turned out the last minute shopping last night did pay off eventually.

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