Tuesday, October 28, 2008

4 Days With Moto A810

Literally, the input virtual keyboard is the pain in the ass every time I text! The keys are so tiny that I always make typos.


What am I going to do with this phone? I am not using the pen which I think it's just lame, yet my finger tips are too big for the keyboard. I have to look at the keyboard as carefully as possible when I try to send an SMS. I miss my Nokia 5300, with which I could type whichever way I like, even blind type. Maybe I could get used to this new phone, at least I hope so. With the required functions, you should know I did not have much of a choice when I was buying it. So hopefully I will change, obviously not this phone, so that I will enjoy texting messages as much as I did before. One good thing about this phone is that the music sound quality is awesome. It's like I am playing my iPod, though the camera cannot be turned to a mute mode, which means I don't really stand a chance of taking pictures secretly. :(


Anyway, except the fact I lost my Nokia 5300, which sucks by the by, I pretty much can embrace the full joyful moment my new phone brings to me. After all, things are changing, and so are we.

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