Friday, October 17, 2008

Visa and MasterCard

I really hate using credit cards, maybe because I am very conservative. I just don't like being constrained by the bank, who tells me when to pay the bills. I am not an economist, but I really think it's the credit card that caused the financial crisis around the world. We should just go back to natural economy. Anyway, the problem is I have to use credit cards now, and because my visa is expired this month, and changing my home address makes my new card is delayed, I have to use another mastercard. Darn~The good side is I won't have a vacuum time when I don't have a credit card, yet the bad thing is I am so involved into this credit card thing, which means I will have to pay the bills each month if I don't want to pay extra. Ironically, the reason why I wanted to have two credit cards was because I was attracted to the gifts which would only be given to credit card applicants. Never did I think I might one day use either of them, and yet now it seems the two cards might very well save my ass. Being greedy is a smart thing.

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