Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hamster Population Shrinks

Some were given away, and some were still kept in the cages. Right now, for the first time since I moved to this new apartment, my hamster population shrinks to 4, which I think is a perfect number for me to keep, even though one of the hamsters had 8 babies on the first day of the National Day-7 hamsters, to be exact-one was eaten by its mom, I suppose. So the new schedule for hamster adoption should launch soon, since those little creatures grow so fast. The curiosity and excitement I used to have are all gone as time goes by, yet I don't feel it's a burden for me to carry every day. Still, these hamsters can help me kill some of the boring time I might endure, and that's a blessing. The National Day holiday is finally over, and it passed so fast. I gave up my plan of going home a few days before the holiday, and I can imagine how exhausted I might have been if I took the plane home and back here. Mom called me several times during the holiday, and I am glad she's cool with it and that everything's good back home. I still have several annual leave days left, and I might choose one of the days when traffic is not crowded to get back.

A new start...

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  1. sigh,even hylic now is bored with his little pets, what others should look forward to?
    how was your holidays going? what about dining out someday?