Friday, October 10, 2008

Double Ten Day

26 years ago, I was born, and today, well, technically speaking, nothing major happened yet, except a stupid earthquake struck Zigong, Sichuan. Obviously, it's not something I'd like to see on my birthday.

Well, astrology says I am supposed to be quite lucky these days, but till now I am not feeling it yet, not literally unlucky either-just ordinary days. Anyway, today's vendor meeting was kind of disappointing, mainly because I was not quite prepared and things I got are just not what I wanted initially. As it says, engineers are different from marketing salesmen, and as far as I am concerned, the difference lying there is just too obvious. I can't say which attitude is better, but I just know things existing there have their reasons. One of the managers used to say that we need engineers who are not paying too much attention to what they should wear, or what perfume they should put on, so having heard that I bought two dark blue shirts one day just for work, even though I am not trendy at all. My point is how come engineers cannot be fashionable without being called shallow, and how come marketing salesmen cannot be nerdy without being  considered to be dumb. Stereotypes? People like to judge others before they even know who they are. Is it something just existing now or lasting from ancient times when we were apes? Or is it because people are just too busy to get every little detailed information not so seemingly valuable to them? Whatever reason, I am afraid staying in this huge melting pot for too long, we might have a biased thinking just as some we despise eventually. One of my friends proudly told me that now he learned the technique of knowing if he wants to make friends with a person by just having a short conversation with him. Yeah, I am glad that he is capable of mastering that "technique", yet I kind of doubt if that's something partial which we have been telling each other not to be like. On the other hand, while deciding whether this one is what we would like to get along with, do we consider if the other person is thinking about the same thing too? It would not be fun to live in such a tiresome world, yet what we are dealing with every day might quite well be what we have not hoped for in the end.


Da Gangsters

Da Gangs Part Two
Crazy Four
The Model Couple
Nice Belting, dude
Trying Something Else?

It was fun to have those gangs to have the little birthday party after work, and it proved time was well wasted. Nice birthday, thank you, guys. I admit some of the pics are kind of crazy, but don't kick my A$$...:P