Wednesday, September 24, 2008

When The Messy Become The Messier

I don't know where to start this, because I just have been crazily busy lately. And this is the first time since my first day to work that I feel things are quite messy, and I am quite caught off guard. I had a bad time last night in bed, even though the dinner with my senior high school classmates were awesome and before that I managed to get back to Shanghai from Xiamen where the typhoon was torturing the city. I felt like my head was exploding when I was lying on the bed, though thinking maybe the next day I would not feel the same. Yet it was just getting worse. Maybe I shouldn't have drunk the local wine in Xiamen, which, I believe, made my lips swell. It just got on my nerves that the landlord did not pay the Internet service bill yet, and with tons of work to do, I can't work at home. It's absolutely not too much to ask to have the normal Internet access. Maybe when dealing with a mean person, only by some evil means can you get things done eventually. Hope I am not losing my sanity when analyzing the current situation...So when tasks and hope are so challenged right now, doing things one step at a time might help to conquer the obstacles soon...Let's see.

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