Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shanghai Golden Grand Prix

I thought the tickets for the Shanghai Golden Grand Prix would be so hard to get as Christina Aguilera's concert, but when I tried to make a reservation for a ticket, the lady told me not to worry, because there would be plenty of tickets-and I could just buy one before my entering the stadium. Being a diehard sports fan, I have never had the chance to watch track and field in a stadium, and this time is definitely my perfect time. I played badminton for a whole afternoon, so the time was quite so tight that I couldn't buy the shampoo in Watsons. Since I did not buy the ticket, I needed to ask one of the policemen where to buy one. "You want to buy one?" He asked. I nodded, thinking you don't need to repeat my question, and for god sake, please just tell me where to buy one, instead of wasting the time. He looked at me up and down, and I felt kind of weird-typical old Shanghainese. But what he would do next definitely proved I was wrong about Shanghainese. "Here is a ticket, and just take it." He handed me one ticket, and let me into the stadium. Wow! Am I dreaming? I took the ticket, and thanked him. Trying not to show my excitement, I walked in as calm as I could possibly be. Maybe the lady in the ticket office is right-not many people would go watching the game while another concert is going on just beside the stadium in the Grand Stage. Anyway, I could finally get in to watch the game, and it's awesome. What a nice policeman.

A Short Opening Ceremony
World Record Holder-Isinbayeva Practising
Isinbayeva Getting Ready
She didn't break the record, but she still is the big star tonight.

Women's 1500M

After Nancy Lagat, Beijing Olympic Gold Medal winner, won Women's 1500 meters, she ran around the stadium to celebrate her victory. I saw her, and I waved to her, smiling at the same. Then she threw her bouquet towards me, but unfortunately maybe she tried quite hard in her competition-the flower dropped on the ground. :(  Still lovely though-The champion and I are just in zero distance. Of course, other champions passed my section too, but their bouquets must have been thrown to the audience right after their winning.

Men's 100 Meters Starting Line
Men's 100 Meters Winner
Lovely Volunteers

It was so much fun to watch the game, and I loved it. The athletes are quite friendly, because they always smile back at left the stadium at 10pm when the last match, women's 100 meters hurdles, was finished.


Tomorrow I am heading to Xiamen again...I did not know my going back could be so fast, and I hope it would be great again.

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  1. nice chance! next time i would try your way to see if i could get through as well!