Monday, September 1, 2008


Geer left for the USA, and I went to see him off together with Water. Honestly that was my first time to see someone off at the airport as far as my memory is concerned. The new terminal 2 seems to be better than terminal 1, and yet China Airline's service is still quite shitty based the conversation I had with the workers from CA. The attitude was like you own them so much that you were inferior to them. Geer told me that CA service sucks anyway, so he doesn't give a thing about it as long as he can get to LA safely. I thought one of the the reasons I wanted to go there was to go shopping aftermath, and yet when the moment really came, I really felt a little bit something there. There was no better way to say goodbye, and I just waved in the end. I am sure at that moment Water felt something too.



Terminal 2 PD


Then Water and I went to a comic city where I found lots of comic toys and stuff, and that quite reminded me of my childhood when I couldn't survive without watching animations. That was so high school...I met Geer online last night, who was in his lab in the USA, but he couldn't make the call back home, so I had to help him with it. Though I had tried to be as considerate as I could, I still can feel how anxious his parents are. I am not their son after all, and I am sure when I am away from my parents, they are the same too. Sometimes, I just don't understand how come we have to suffer so much to make life a little bit better. It's easy to get confused and hopeless, but it's much harder to fight for a future that we have been dreaming since we were kids.

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