Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's True About Libra

I read some interesting stories about astrology this morning, and the writer said that Libras are simple, pure and committed. Libras are also willing to spend all the time with their partners instead of their friends. That is just so true, even though it's rarely noticed by the partners based on my experience. Inevitably, misunderstandings are aroused. Also, lacking contact with friends might eventually lead to losing friends. But I always tell myself that if friends are so easily lost, then maybe they are not really worth being my friends. I need quality friends, not too many friends. Sounds a little bit sour, but I just think it's their loss. On the other hand, what friends are for is not that simple, in reality we need to compromise, and we need to think in their own situations too. It's not easy for every one of us. The best lesson learned was when I first came to university 7 years ago. It's different to be yourself in your home where you can do whatever you'd like to do. In the college life, it's a bit complicated and delicate between each other's relationship. There is a balance point there, which you need to find and keep well. I learned a lot, and I still need to learn. Somehow, after leaving school, I feel that I am back to where I used to be now. There are no classmates around me, and it's just absolute freedom in the house, except the landlord being the pain in the ass sometimes. Anyway, I was trying to find the best position where I can best fit in from the beginning, and of course like everyone else I had hard times too. Yet once the inner peace is found, life is just on track and moving fast like before.

Being simple, pure and true, that's what Libras are, and that's what Libras cherish as well.

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  1. Lose your friends, close to your girls