Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not Only Language

I am trying my best to learn the language, and it's not effortless. There is always something I hope be proud of, and it's not only language.  Apparently, I still have a long way to go, since I found what I have been doing lately is actually quite shallow, like one thin layer floating on the surface of the water. I need to dive deeper to explore what is really in there, and to see what I can contribute to make myself better and to achieve my personal value as well. Yet the good thing is at least right now I know that I am just like a baby learning to walk, otherwise I might quite well look like an idiot. After all, it's said discovering issues, analyzing them and solving them.

My cousin told my mom that I want to be single forever because she read my space, since my mom doesn't read English. So my mom was curiously asking me about it the other day, and I was quite surprised that my cousin mistook my original meaning. It's quite predictable that she always tells...

Being absolutely plunged into Dungeon Siege since the beginning of the week, I have less-than-7-hour sleep for 2 days, and I am hoping to do it more...Sigh...When is the start for my real mission?


  1. 哎呀,说说而已嘛,杰娃天天闹到要大家给他升辈。

  2. 还有,你十一打算回不?