Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer Breathe

I got cold because of the low temperature in the office and apartment, but after I started to use the cotton cover at nights, the cold went away. So I am fine again. Obviously I will not really suffer this summer like I did last summer, since I can always avoid the heat. Last weekend, I spent 2 days in Suzhou by myself. I had to go there, because my manager thought it could be a good opportunity to take a training, even though it proved to be a bad decision in the end. I still appreciate the chance to do things just by myself. The typical Libra is that he likes to do things with others, not just by himself, and I am no exception. Though I have been there before, yet the first day I got there, I did not feel like doing anything outdoors because I am familiar with that place. So I had dinner in the hotel's bar, which I think is pretty lame, and did some groceries in a nearby store. Then I spent all the evening singing and dancing to the music I brought in the hotel until my voice became so hoarse that the next day my classmates thought I was someone else on the phone. Thanks to the typhoon the next day, Suzhou got the chance to cool down a little bit, and then that night I borrowed an umbrella, walking along the small streets to explore a little bit. Of course, I still ended up having dinner in the lame KFC, and doing groceries in another bigger much for Suzhou, the passion and desire I used to have are all gone. The only things left there are just some memories.

Living in Minhang can always provide me with the convenience that all of my classmates are jealous of, since I don't have to worry about getting up too early in the morning to take the over crowded subways, breathing in all of those filthy air on the trains and getting sweaty before stepping into the office. Yet they don't know what it is like to get back home in the early morning when the landlord already lock the door, just because of a late movie on the previous night, nor will they know what the empty streets are like only with the orange road lights on, just because having a nice dinner and a good conversation in a classy restaurant can easily make us forget about the time. In order to get something, I have to pay something else for it. It's that simple. Whether you are happy about it or not can be told by the time.

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