Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dreaming What I Having Been Dreaming

"Water flowing down and people climbing up". It's quite natural in this world. Seldom do I have such a time to sit here daydreaming. Yet while tasting others' lives on blogs, I am realizing I am still far from what I want to become, and the road to there is still blurry and gloomy, to be honest. The only good thing is it seems I have a start right now. Though a different start, it's still a start. Now I have lots of choices, and I can become whatever I want to become. All depends on me...I hate pressure, and yet like always, we confront pressure if we want to do something. We are forced to make a living, because life is not easy for any one of us. We were forced to take the exams, because we could not have been able to go to universities otherwise. We were forced to do many things, because otherwise it might well be against our wills. So that means we are fighting all the time. I know that well, but paradoxically, I am not aware that I am not doing it quite well. Seriously, I need to have the guts to fight for what I have been dreaming of now!!!

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