Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Where Is My U-Disk!!!

Darn!! I thought I lost my wallet last week, and I was mad because I never lost anything big in my entire life. However I found it in my locked drawer in the office in the end, and it proved that I am a very careful person, now that I even lock my drawer every time I am absent from my cubicle. This time I don't think I might be that lucky. I have been searching everywhere for my 1G u-disk, which I got for free during the first day on board. Though it cannot work on most laptops, it works just fine on my two laptops. It's been several days now, and I guess the chance of finding it might well be slim now...Sigh~~~I lose things...It's normal, isn't it? People lose things...It means I have to use my back-up u-disk now...

I am going to buy an 120G portable hard disk for my mass storage, since I will have to move out of campus, and surely people should get some right profit before their departure. Some classic movies, PC games(The Sims 2 rocks, don't even let me get in that one) and some useful software. As a matter of fact, the hard disk has already arrived, and I need to pick it up later today...The reason I chose 120G instead of 250G is because most hard disk cases cannot guarantee the stable performance of 160G or even bigger like 250G hard disk without another adaptor, so it's pretty inconvenient to put another adaptor on the desk with other messy wires. Plus 120G is enough already. The larger the hard disk is, the more likely we are to be frustrated when the hard disk collapses one day with our precious photos, files and most of all, our memories gone. I have been there, so I need to know how to protect myself. This is not just for me, everybody should know that.

Another thing is, since I am really interested in iPod nano the 3rd lately, I am thinking of getting one. Well, actually I began to like iPod ever since I found iPhone is quite interesting lately, playing with it from one of my colleagues, but the signal quality and usage are quite mediocre. So I started to want one just with the apple's click wheel which is like Apple's signature. iPod classic has larger space, like 80 and 160G, and yet the hard disk type is quite fragile and the failure rate is much higher than flash memory type like nano. So I think nano would be perfect for me. Also, as only iPod nano 3rd 8G has mint green color, I would choose 8 G nano. Plus 8G is better than 4G nano, from the aspects of both price and practical use.

Anyway, up till now, my u-disk is till missing...:(

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