Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Importance of Weekends

I didn't know how precious weekends are until lately--It's the time for people to do things of their own. Thank god I didn't volunteer to do that job, otherwise I would've been to spend my whole weekend in the cubicle. Got up early in the morning and trying to get lazy while washing sheets and stuff, but a bad call totally made me crushed. What on earth did I do to deserve this? Do I really have a fate to be miserable? If I can do anything to save this, I would do anything for sure.

I hope to get better soon since working stuff has already handed down some pressure to me. I gradually begin to get to know what is going on in the new environment and hopefully I can find the comfort zone like I was having in SJTU as soon as possible. Also, my campus card was frozen by the admin, and I was quite helpless, since we could do nothing about that. So I have to pay 10% more money for the food in the refectory and I can no longer use the bathroom for shower in my dorm, which is a big issue for me. The school doesn't say anything to officially kick us out of the campus, and yet what they are doing is definitely harmful and unkind. But on second thought, if the school does not do anything to those people who should leave the campus, like they said, the interest of the students would be harmed, so that makes sense, and I am not upset about that. The thing is how much longer we can live here. We definitely hope as long as possible, because it's almost free to live in the dorm, but it's never going to happen. Based on what I know maybe the end of July, because after that new students would come to school. Of course, I am not going to stay that long, since it's not convenient any more. I will have to find a place to live. Darn, it's going to a big job.

Right now, I have six hamsters and five of them are really nice except one pain-in-the-ass. She is always upset and insecure about everything-the slightest sound and little move to her cage would make her paranoid and scream like a hysterical son of a bitch. I am sure that she had a bad childhood, and she still suffers from that bad experience. I have tried to make her feel comfortable and secure all the time, and yet it seems she never changes at all. Right now, I just wish I didn't take this one back to cause so much trouble to myself, but since she's under my protection, I am going to do my best. Thank god, a hamster can only live 2 years for the most.

I absolutely hope I could stay sensitive and insightful all the time, but making a living and every practical little thing are taking the toll on everybody. The real world and dreams are always so different that we just wish we could never wake up from the sweet dreams we had that night.

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