Tuesday, May 6, 2008

YD Mt.

May Day used to be the 'Golden Week' before, but this year it's just a small 'Golden Week' in which you can still do lots of things. I was expecting that I might very well spend this time all by myself again until my classmates called me on May Day night, asking me if I could join them to go to Yandang Mountain in Zhejiang Province the next day. I accepted it without a second thought, since I didn't want to be like a lonely redneck countryman who could have died alone without letting anybody know in this little suffocating chamber. Basically I spent 12 hours on bus in the two-day trip, and the greatest things about this was I got the chance to cross Hangzhou Bay Bridge-the longest sea bridge in the world, which just started to let vehicles pass on May Day. It's about 35 km long, and the water aside is yellow. We saw lots of people stop on the high way bridge to take pictures, though we hoped we could do that as well, yet when we knew there were lots of accidents happened because of that wrong behaviors, we kind of laughed it off.

The mysterious bridge
They Stopped on the high way

The YD MT. is a nice place for a two-day trip, because it's not as big as yellow mountain, and the sceneries are basically similar to yellow mountain, though not as good as yellow mountain. It features lots of weird huge stones with spectacular shapes.

Monk Worshipping the Tower
Tiny people down the rock

The only disappointment was probably there was not much water in this area, and everywhere we went seemed to be quite dry, including the water falls. The water from the creek on the mountain is like the water from the sink in our house. I think that's why YD Mt. seems inferior to yellow mountain. Anyway, maybe I am not supposed to compare the two totally different places with each other. I had lots of fun, and the trip was quite worth going.








Actually I was not so exhausted as I thought when getting up before 6am everyday during the trip for two days. I totally won on this sleeping battle. The trip was really nice, because I really needed it, and for a short time, I could be so lucky to get over all the grief and stress I was suffering to embrace the freedom and happiness I was longing to pursue. 

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  1. Good trip. It seems nice! I'll consider it.