Saturday, April 26, 2008

In The Old Nest

Lots of things could happen in just one week when I really get my ass to business. Talking to people who are older than me sometimes makes me nervous, since I am always afraid of saying anything offensive out of my big mouth. I need to learn, man~Being a newbie in the new environment is not something fun, and sometimes I think I am just too prudent, or maybe it's because of the generation gap...

Anyway, lots of progress has been made in the past one week, which I am very proud of...Other than the inner heat I am suffering, which did some damage to my tongue and lips, I could finally have the access to Wikipedia, and I finally could build my Sims 2 community!!! Also, up till now, I have had six hamsters!! I do find myself addicted to this virtual world and this hamster kingdom, which keep me busy during my spare time.

It's said it would be difficult to find a house after June, as lots of graduates will need shelters then, so I will have to get down to that business soon, though I am still lucky to stay in this dorm. I will miss "Comic" for sure, because it's the most convenient way to watch TVs and movies, but I survived before I knew "Comic", so I will be just fine without it.

Staying in the dorm whenever I am free really makes me the official "sunshine-house-man"...darn...I am going to be a redneck countryman soon too, and because I am so darn proud of it, I am also the super stubborn ass.


  1. how is ur 6 hamsters?  that is a really big family~~~~~~~

  2. Your "big mouth", haha~
    The generation gaps are not always so terrible. You may find some old guys funny or friendly. Just take it easy.