Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Last Word In 2006


A few hours later, I will be in 2007...It's the time for me to say good bye to my 2006. But before that, I just want

to reminisce a little bit. 2006, I have experienced a lot things, tears, blood, sweat, all in my memories...I love

 my 2006 because this is how my life is. I will always remember my 2006, because it's so special, and unique.

I believe I will not have another 2006 any more, but I wish my following years would always be better than the

previous one. Now, I am embracing my 2007. What are my goals, what are my plans in 2007? I am always on my

way in making them...I am so expecting my 2007, because I will grow more mature in 2007, and be smarter in 2007.

    Anyways, those are all my best wishes for myself. Also, I want all the people I love,

people who love me, care about me to have a good year in 2007.

Best wishes and bless them all!

   I think lately, I have changed a lot..Either smarter or stupider, I don't know...Differences can be told from this

space if you read my previous blogs before. Am I becoming meaningless, and shallower? It seems to me that I

don't have anything to worry about any more. Seemingly, it's a good thing, but I don't see any good in it. Pressure

and worries are the motivation for a person to some extent, without which you would be like an aimless boat floating

                                                                on the vast ocean...Seeing my classmates going abroad to study,

                                                                 accomplishing great achievement, I found that it is high time for me

                                                                 doing something meaningful, something that I am sure I will not

                                                                 regret in the future,                                 something that I should

                                                                  be proud of... Let me fight for my future in 2007!



  1. 来晚了几天,新年快乐哈!20067年一整年都要快乐哈!!

  2. a very nice space indeed\/\/\/