Thursday, December 21, 2006

Time To Put the Pieces Together

MP left for Christmas and now may have got to Chicago, not far from the house, while I got up at 11:00am

and everything's still the same as where I have left. Seemingly, all I need to do is just to be myself again, but

things are far different from it seems to be. MP                                   asked me to  think while I am alone,and

the more I think, the deeper I will fall. Nobody                                             wants to be hurt, and that is my

greatest fear. I believe no pay no gain, I                                                          think my answer would be 

I will give my all!

   Being with MP really amazed me, because                                                          it was a brand new

experience that I have been dreaming to have.                                                      Sometimes when you

want something, you may never get it, but once                                                   it comes, you may be

surprised. I didn't expect to have that, because                                                  I can't expect too much,

as I know high expectation can cause the unexpected                                      disappointment in the end.

That's just how we are protecting ourselves.

   Anyway, after my previous crazy, amazing, splendid                  several weeks, I decided to indulge myself

into this tedious, long, tiring academic world again. This time, I believe I can overcome all the obstacles and I

will prepare for MP's coming back...


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