Sunday, September 3, 2006

Safe Place?

I always thought that my space is the place where I say anything I like, post any pics I prefer, and nobody will even notice this little world of my own. But I guess things are changing after I was threatened by some hooligan who said to post my pics on BBS. There can be anything happening if the person gets some popularity, even the least or not that desirable kind of. Once you are known to someone, and once you did something which might piss those off just a little bit, you will have trouble which might turn you down so much that you don't have the previous passion or inspiration to continue your way. Yes, I am considering if posting my pics on my space would be the smart idea. It is paradoxical that safety does not always come with individuality, because if you want to express yourself fully and freely, you are taking the risk of putting yourself in danger somehow, at least seeing some undesirable consequences. So we need to think thoroughly to make our decisions, but I really doubt if this internet which gives people the great convenience and speed would let us think twice before action. For most of the time, I think we are doing things following our instinct or the intuition on the internet, thus it is not surprising to see some consequences which might very well make us regret for a long time.


Well, as for the pics things, I won't take them back, because I think it is fun to post them on my space, and showing the real me to my readers. Whatever you think of me, and whoever you are, I am myself and I am so darn proud of who I am. I am unique, and so are you. As for the threatening things, I guess we need to be more discreet on the net sometimes to avoid the undesirable troubles...



  1. Ciao,
    Thanks for visiting my space today, and leaving such a sweet comment.
    It was good to meet you there.
    Hope to see you come back again.
    Take Care and have a wonderful week.
    God Bless You

  2. I agree . you Have to put the real you up there or really who you fooling you!