Sunday, September 3, 2006

Trip To The Beach!

Finally got back to my dorm! I really enjoyed my trip to the Lianyungang beach--it was awesome! Not just because I enjoyed the soft sand, mild sunshine and gentle waves, but also I was too high to find my glasses back, which was lost in the vast ocean--I was swimming in the sea, but I didn't even realize that my glasses have been lost, no wonder everything was so blurry through my naked eyes.


Yes, I have to get another pair of glasses when I am back. Another my favourite part was to have the sea food which I didn't even see on TV, I loved them ALL! Also, I met little squirrels and even fed them with bread on the Hua Guo Mountain. The little creaures are so cute and smart that I didn't want to leave them when it was getting really late on that day.


All in all, I think this journey was worth it when I sacrificed my precious time for this, and this experienced was unique and special. I arrived at Shanghai last night, and it took us 7 hours to get back. I hope I could go to the beach again next summer...


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