Monday, August 28, 2006

Trip To the Beach?

I got the invitation from my classmate, asking me and my friends to visiting his home in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Pro. I thought it would be just like the ordinary trip that I used to have, but now I begin to weigh this journey after one of my friends cancelled the trip with us. I am not here to complain anything, but sometimes I guess maybe we need to think twice before we act. Honestly, I am hesitating if it would be wiser that I should go to the library and do my own stuff just like the other one does, but the only thing that stops me doing this is the promise that I would visit my friend there--I am not going to eat my words. From the other aspect, maybe this trip would still rock as hell. Yes, I know, my babbling here would sound so unfair to my friend in Lianyungang, and I really appreciate his invitation and hospitality. So after thinking and re-thinking the meaning of this trip, I finally decide to have this trip just I have planned originally, and I am going to buy the ticket later in the day. So, once again, I am going to see my seashore, my beach and my sand...


Once again, I am forgetting where I am going, and enjoying where I am at...

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  1. Did you enjoy the beach?  I love the beach !!!  Oh THANK YOU BIG TIME for you r vote my friend, it brought me to tears nearly to see such kndness from a fellow spacer.. and thanks for the congrats too!  You know I am definietly your friend!  You gonna have to tell me more about the beach.. sounds wonderful!!!! 
    The beach and me are like lovers, I love it, and it loves me.. not the hurricanes however! lol  O  Love this new song.. it's dancing all around in my head.. killer tunes!big hugs Randy
    your friend always,