Sunday, September 10, 2006

Not Discreet?

Keeping discreet! This is what I have learned during my 3 years in senior high, and I kept this norm during my 4 years in university, because I think this is the basic quality that everybody should have. But I guess things have changed a lot lately, because I am violating the norm that I promised myself to observe, and I am so back to the one I used to be in junior high--I have been doing things crazy on BBS, and I got my undesirable popularity! Yes, everybody who often logs on the BBS will know my IDs, or even know my names and how I look like...I tried my best to protect my privacy for a long time, but I did not know that I ruined it in just a moment. Maybe things are not too bad till now, still being discreet can save me from this mess. But I feel that at this moment, it's not me doing things. Devil? Hormone? Desire? I am not sure about this, but I think BBS is quite like an addiction to me, which is not a good sign. I was taught that learning how to control oneself is the way to anywhere you want to be, and it's obvious that I did not learn it well. It seems that I have realised what I have done, but from the very beginning I don't think what I am doing things might be offensive to somebody. Because what I have been telling myself to do is to have some fun, and if you feel uncomfortable or anything, you can just ignore the threads that I started. Well, if things were so easy, I would not bring them on my space to mention them. It seems that I have done too much, and things are little bit messed up. I am not such a person who knows how to apoligize quickly and honestly, so I think maybe the best I can do is to keep silent and wait till this heat is over. And I do hope there will not be any undesirable consequencies that nobody wants to see in the end. And I still hope everybody can enjoy what you got out there on BBS, you have the right to have fun, me too.


  1. thanks for coming to visit my site! :)  pardon my ignorance... but waht is BBS?  by the way, since you are living in SHanghai are you Chinese or non-CHinese?  God bless!

  2. Take it easy, man; it does no harm.