Saturday, April 1, 2006

April's Fool

My roomie and I went to bed pretty late last night as always, but to my surprise, he got quite early this morning. I thought, heck, what a freak! Tired of sleeping? Get a life...After he walked out of the door, I continued my warm sweet dream. 30 minutes later, he came back with his school bag, quite pissed, and I asked him why. He said his teacher asked him to the lab in the morning, but when he got there, he saw nobody. So he came back. Anyway, since staying in bed was not good anymore, I got up and walked into the bathroom with my morning


From the moment I got up, I began to realise that it would be an ordinary day today. So I need to make a plan of what to do for today, otherwise I might very well waste it all. In the noon, I asked my friend 'Tiger' and my roomie for lunch, and during our conversation, one sudden thought popped up between us--It's April's Fool today...And at this moment, my roomie and I realised how come he got up so early and saw nobody in the lab...Yeah, he was made fool by his classmate...Quite funny. I still remember when I was in high school when I used to sit in the classroom with like 40 classmates, and it's only on April's Fool Day that we played lots of terrible but funny tricks on each other. It was cool, and everybody thought it cool. But after I came to university, and as we all grow more and more mature, we seldom had this fool's day any more. More often than not, we could not even think of this day when it came, and we all seemed to be busy with our own things. There is nothing to blame this, but somehow only through some kind of fun or good tricks can we get more intimate with each other to be more likely to live in harmony. It is true that everyday studying or working pressure has twisted some of our childish souls which contain all the sweet imaginations and innocent wishes. People become colder and colder to each other, and the only excuse that they can find is having been too busy. But just beneath the pale excuse, we have to admit that the cruel reality really made us suffering and tortured the soul in every one of us. Maybe it is too naive, but I still believe that everyone is like a child who thinks things much easier than what they show outside. Or maybe it's because I think this way that made me reach such nonsense conclusion. But the bottom line is that I wish people be simple to each other, and take off the mask, because nobody is that beautiful.



Having been through something lately, I need to re-think about my life and my days. It is very different when you see it from the very different aspect which you have not touched before. But I believe, no matter from which angle you conceive your life,  your final destination would be being happy for yourself and letting the one you love be happy as well, since happiness is the most precious thing in this world...

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  1. u always use such wise words to make a conclusion at the end of ur articles.