Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Summer is Ending

Staying home makes me feel warm and comfortable, while studying outside makes me feel like a kite flying in the sky with a thread attached, vulnerable and fragile. The longer time ,the stronger I feel.


  So fast, so quiet, more than two months' summer time is almost over. This is my longest summer, most colorful and unforgettable. I don't want to call anything an end, because I don't like the word "end". Maybe to some bad things, it's good to call them an end...But as for me, right now, I 'd rather ignore it. 


 Having a fever of 40'C the day before yesterday gives me another feeling of my summer.The sweetest thing may be quite bitter too... Without reading any useful books, or studying my course, I indulged myself into my young companionship. Once again, I felt I was back to high school, riding bike through the city, ranting and raving together on the street~But this time we all knew where we were going and we were just enjoying this precious and short good time.


 No matter I like my summer or not, it's almost gone. Don't look back to see what I got...Worth it or not, I got it anyway...


Being a 23-year old student, does my summer mean I have wasted so much time? Whatever it is, my next step would be so hard that I have never encountered.



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