Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Be4 Sunset

 After I have come back home from Jiuzhai Valley, I suddenly feel like going out with my friends. As for me , I am such kinda person who would rather stay home for a long time than go out. But when I wanna hang out with my friends, I found that it's not easy to call all of my best friends out, because I realized that when I was busy with my life, so were my friends. Everybody has a life, maybe our good old days will never come back again, we have to move on. But somehow when I hang out with my buddies, I found that the city that I was familiar with has changed so much. Although I sent SMS to Elyn, telling her that I not only live on my past, but also hope for my future, still, I found that I just live on my past. As for my future, right now, I don't think too much about it--there is still too much for me to digest before the next level of my life. Of course, the city has changed too much , to the good direction--wider road, greener trees, taller buildings,brighter days...


I know that everytime I am at the crossroad of my life, I always think too much. But from the other aspect, it means I have too much free time?  Seeing some of my best friends go to work in some companies, I realized that we are not young any more. Seeing my younger brothers go to school, doing their homework after class, I found that I have been walking a long road to the place I barely knew. Seeing some of my friends get married, I kinda worried if that is called the end of our dreams...Having a dream is not a bad thing, but somehow reality is the reality. We have to wake up one day to face the reality...Jeez~~I can't think about's too harsh...Everybody dies eventually. Ok then, here is the life equation: Life=baby+toddler+teenager+adult+elder+meeting grim reaper. This is from the sims point of view.


As a born pessimist, all I see in life is that WE ALL DIE--Nothing is eternal...

But sometimes, when I suddenly became an optimist for a very short time, I found there are some things in life eternal--love, the universe...LOL


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