Monday, September 5, 2005

Hey, Mr. DJ,Put a record on~

Haha, I got music on my blog!!


Surely, I haven't been cheered up for a while after I recovered from that fever~Winding Road...I don't know how many times I have listened, but I still feel that I am walking on a road that I barely know.


Packing all my bags, I am gonna leave home AGAIN on 8th, and I will arrive at Shanghai on 10th...This time I will be alone~no townfellows, no classmates. Though this is not my first time to leave home, yet, I feel lonely for the first time. What should I do when I get to Shanghai? Should I take a bus or go to the subway? I have so much baggage? What am I supposed to do? Will I be safe to arrive at the school on time??  Maybe all the questions will be answered the moment I step my feet on the land of that city, but somehow it will never be so horrible. For my mom's sake, I am already 23~~at least I should know not to talk to "strangers"~~LOL


I don't know what i will look like after 5 months' staying in Shanghai. What will I learn? Will I change a lot?


Acutally, when I am back to Chengdu this time, I found that there are lots of things changed...I don't love the people that I used to love so passionately, though I have strong feelings when I was with them...I have changed...I have to admit this. 4 years does change a person if you don't look back.


Well, I received my friends' SMS the other day, telling me that they have already arrived at school, and they are studying right now. Talking about whether we will change after some years...they say God knows if we change or not, but we know that we will gain more than what we are expecting now. I hope so.  No matter where you are, you will be safe and sound...We are the birds flying high in the sky, we are the kites with the threads attached to our homes, we are the little sharks swimming alone just after we were born( I know we are not like the sharks at all...bad metaphor,LOL)...


At last, I got tons of things to pack~so I gotta stop right now!




  1. 今天上SPACES看了看,发现你更新了,就进来了,留个脚印先。

  2. 发现你给我的评论了:)既然以后就是同学了,问候一下先:)hehe

  3. I have not find the way to put the music on my blog. I will ask you how to do it when i finish the pre-sessional course for my Master Degree......Expexting...